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Making sense of sugar

Sir: Your article, ‘Most consumers are trying to reduce sugar’ (22 August, p6), highlights that consumers think on-pack information is effective. However, while it’s encouraging that consumers feel they are able to make informed choices, it’s far too simplistic to see the solution to solving the obesity crisis as simply removing or reducing sugars out of food and drink products.

Our research shows that while people are confident when it comes to deciding whether something is high or low in sugars, they are much less confident when it comes to knowing whether foods are high or low in calories - with only 43% seeing the link to a balanced diet and lifestyle.

Clearly it’s true that reducing sugars can help people lose or maintain their weight, but we need to help consumers recognise the link between calories (energy) in and calories (energy) out.

That is why we launched the Making Sense of Sugar website, which is a good source of information on how to enjoy a balanced diet and lifestyle, recognising that an excess of anything isn’t good for us.

Sharon Fisher, communications manager, Making Sense of Sugar

Inspiring Hodgson

Sir: Mike Hodgson (‘The Collective founder Hodgson dies aged 57,’ 22 August, p50): what an inspiring man - and someone who understood the power of brands and the importance of providing quality food… As I write, we have both Collective yoghurt and Gü puddings in our fridge. My sincere condolences to the Hodgson family.

Andrew Mallinson, via

Poundland’s challenge

Sir: Poundland is responding to demand for flexible shopping - however savvy shoppers will think hard about balancing the £4 delivery charge with the price of the goods (Poundland launches online trial,, 1 September).

The addition of some excitement on the site and the commercial opportunities that exist for Poundland, to work stock flexibly, could be interesting. If this attracts more customers to the brand, that will be positive. What Poundland does not need is the more costly online option becoming an alternative for existing shoppers.

We expect more discount retailers to join the online market ahead of Christmas 2015.

Catherine Shuttleworth, owner, Savvy Marketing