Prompt payment ethos

Sir, I applaud your recent Prompt Payment Code article. I’ve always believed that the prompt payment ethos would cascade from support by retailers, but sadly that doesn’t always seem to be the case.

The EU recently approved an agricultural supply chain unfair trading practices directive. As it is currently a directive (not regulation), we hope you’ll lend your weight to its adoption into UK law. Only then will we achieve a greater sense of security for British companies throughout the food supply chain, freeing businesses to invest with confidence in NPD, new processes and new people.

Phil Acock, managing director, Fourayes Farm

What’s next for GSCOP?

Sir, It’s not a surprise the GCA is stepping down.

There can be no doubt compliance with GSCOP has improved whilst Ms Tacon has been in office. Now the focus turns to the new GCA and what approach they may take. Ms Tacon has always tried to collaborate with the retailers. Where there is a problem, as the Co-op investigation report confirms, her starting point was to ask the retailer to ‘sort it out’ before she took action.

That approach is a personal choice. The next GCA may take the view that if a problem arises, and the evidence is there, investigations will follow and so will fines. Next June’s appointment will be interesting.

Mark Jones, partner, law firm Gordons

McDonald’s cuts plastic

Sir, This week McDonald’s UK announced its McFlurries, salads and salad shakers will now be sold in cardboard containers. Big tick from the anti-plastic crusaders - of which I am one. Or at least so you’d think.

From a professional point of view, there are wider implications to banishing plastic without due care. Packaging is required to be clean prior to recycling, and it is highly unlikely a customer will retain their empty McFlurry cup and wash it before recycling.

Add the fact that the new paper cup has a higher carbon footprint and is still accompanied by a plastic spoon, and you have to question motive. I can’t help but see this as a knee-jerk reaction.

Tim Llewellyn, structural creative director, Drink Works