plastic water bottles

Look to bio plastic

Sir, So Iceland has committed to reducing plastic usage and Danone has committed to using 100% recycled plastic for Evian by 2025. I urge Iceland to look at plastic alternatives across the whole of grocery including beverages. Our product Eco for Life is a true alternative to oil-based plastics and bottles made entirely from plants are hard to ignore. It is time to acknowledge the true solution that bio plastic offers.

Michael Shore, MD, Key Brands International

Most recycled material

Sir, Recycling and recyclability has long been at the top of our agenda in the metal packaging sector. In metal we have perhaps the most sustainable of all packaging materials. APEAL’s latest figures for packaging recycling reaffirm steel as Europe’s most recycled packaging material for the 11th consecutive year, with a recycling rate of 77.5%. In the UK, collection campaigns such as MetalMatters drive local authority kerbside collection of cans, while Every Can Counts encourages the collection of cans for recycling at workplaces and events. That 2.7 million tonnes of steel have been recycled and made available for new products is a real example of the circular economy.

William Boyd, director and chief executive, Metal Packaging Manufacturers Association

Brands on Facebook

Sir, In its quest to promote more genuine personal interaction, given feeds are currently awash with engagement bait articles and videos, Facebook is changing content ranking scores to skew towards brand posts that naturally fit alongside posts from friends and family, which means it will be harder for posts from Pages to appear organically. Brand pages will have to focus on genuine communications using core business pillars (vs engagement metrics). In other words, seamless but meaningful content.

Kevin Chan, integrated performance director, iProspect

China is complex

Sir, Young’s plans to expand into the US and eventually China. But this country is a complex market with disparate audiences. Some businesses have assumed that Chinese consumers are simply clamouring for Western brands because they are Western. They’re not and the competition is fierce. Brands looking to expand into China need to must understand that Chinese consumers require more than a one-size-fits-all solution.

Elizabeth Finn, MD, Cowan