Lidl nappy

Lidl’s Drylock nappies are just 3mm thick, compared to an 8mm average

Lidl is aiming to revolutionise the nappy market with an eco-friendly product “so thin it’s like underwear”.

Rolling out under the retailer’s Toujours brand from this week, the new range uses patented ‘Drylock’ technology. The nappies are just 3mm thick, compared with an average of 8mm, according to Drylock founder Bart van Malderen.

The slimness of the nappies means Lidl can ship 30% more per truck, while the nappies’ core contains no glue or fluff - and therefore fewer chemicals.

The nappies use new patented distribution technology to eliminate bulky absorbent fluff, said van Malderen. “Nappies have been getting thinner and thinner but the missing link was to remove the last few grams of fluff,” he added. “We have now produced a patented fluff-less nappy that’s so thin it’s like underwear.”

Drylock nappies made their debut in Germany last year, to “enormous” success, said a Lidl spokeswoman. “We expect the same level of success here in the UK and are anticipating there will be a great deal of interest,” she added.

The products will be priced £3.99 for Midi (38-pack), Maxi (35) and Junior (31) sizes, and the retailer is also introducing a 42-pack of Mini nappies at £2.99.

“We haven’t had a Mini size in our regular Toujours range, so we’re not just developing new products in this area but expanding the sizes available,” added the spokeswoman.

The launch comes as brands and own-label ranges look to pick up market share following the departure of Huggies from the UK. In October last year, Kimberly-Clark announced it was to stop manufacturing and selling its core Huggies nappy range in Europe after failing to “build a sustainable profitable nappies business here”.