Bud Light's withdrawal from the market has left the way open for Coors Light, the only other major brand in the light beer sector. Anheuser Busch found pushing the idea of a Light beer tough going in the UK despite its success in the US (The Grocer Jan 12, page 4). AB wasn't the first to find UK consumers resistant to the concept. Miller dropped Lite from its brand, in favour of Pilsner, in 1992 after years of trying to win acceptance for the idea. Coors Light came to the UK in May 1999 and since then has been on test in Scotland and Ireland. Coors UK shows no signs of expanding the test market, but remains committed to it. Commercial director Ian Ronayne said: "2000 was a terrific year for Coors Light. Within the test volume sales and distribution grew strongly. "This year we are investing £5.3m on the brand. "The Coors Light proposition is not calorie focused and any other brand withdrawal from the UK due to low calorie issues will not affect our position." {{DRINKS }}