Producer: Monkland Cheese Dairy
Launched: 1996
Region: Herefordshire

What’s your story? “Our cheese is made to an original Herefordshire recipe from circa 1918, when Ellen Yeld - the chief dairy instructress for the county - would have gone round small farms showing them how to convert excess milk into cheese,” says owner Mark Hindle. “We use unpasteurised cows milk, mill the curds by hand and use traditional presses.”

Why is your cheese a regional gem? “It’s the only original Herefordshire cheese. Because it is made on the border between England and Wales, it’s influenced by both countries’ traditions. We often describe it as a combination of a Caerphilly and a Cheddar.”

The Grocer says: We were excited to see a Herefordshire cheese and think its unique regional heritage and influences make it a great candidate for Cheddar lovers keen to try something new but not scarily unfamiliar. We could see this becoming a family staple.