GlaxoSmithKline is bringing innovation to sports drinks by adding a caffeinated option to its Lucozade Sport range.

Lucozade Sport with Caffeine Boost is designed to enhance mental as well as physical performance. It forms a third tier in the Lucozade stable, which also includes Hydro Active promising extra hydration and Lucozade Sport for hydration teamed with carbohydrates.

The newcomer promises these attributes, plus an additional mental stimulant in the form of caffeine.

It is designed to be drunk an hour before exercise, to help improve mental alertness, concentration, memory, reaction time, mood and focus.

The effects of caffeine take about 45 minutes to work, according to the company. "Mental fatigue during exercise can reduce performance on many sports," it said.

Developed with the help of sporting professionals, including Premier League footballers and elite athletes, Lucozade Sport with Caffeine Boost flags up its enhanced mental and physical performance boast on pack and claims to offer an extra edge to adults participating in active sport.

Available from next month in Lemon Plus flavour in a 500ml bottle and four-bottle multipack, it will be backed by a £5m marketing campaign

Activity will include online, outdoor and radio advertising, as well as specialist fitness titles.

GSK recommends a price of 10% above the core Sport range.

"People who take their sport seriously are looking for anything that will give them an edge," said brand manager Adam Prentice.

"Lucozade Sport has already been growing at 33% because it does give a performance boost and added caffeine really makes a difference to mental performance."