GlaxoSmithKline is lifting the lid on a raft of marketing activity across its drinks brands in the latest phase of a £62m support strategy. Ribena, Lucozade Energy and Lucozade Sport will all get three-month on-pack promotions. Lucozade Energy's Gone a bit Lara' promotion kicked off this week and continues the brand's three-year association with the Tomb Raider computer game heroine. Consumers get the chance to win £250,00 worth of stuff like Lara's', with prizes including radio-controlled toy Land Rovers, pump action water guns and inherited fortunes' of £10,000 cash. The promotion ties in with an ongoing television advertising campaign showing ordinary people drinking Lucozade Energy and trying to emulate Lara's activities with varying degrees of success. Support also comes from face to face marketing, viral e-mails, posters, merchandising equipment and stickers. The other two brands' promotions follow next month, with big prizes promised. The company is also replacing the 650ml sports cap format of Lucozade Sport with a new 600ml bottle featuring an improved sports cap. Designed for use before, during and after sport, the bottle's powerflow' action aims to prevent spilling and leakage even when the bottle is moved around vigorously. {{P&P }}