Famous British ice cream brand Lyons Maid is making a comeback. Richmond Frozen Confectionery has brought the brand in from the cold following a decade's absence from the nation's freezers. The old favourite is initially available in a range of classic flavours, including Raspberry Ripple, Vanilla, Cornish, Mint Choc Chip and Neapolitan. Two litre tubs are priced at £1.99, except Cornish which costs £2.99. A one litre Vanilla brick has an rsp of £1.39. Keeping with tradition, the range features an updated version of the celebrated dancing children' logo which was first used on ice cream vans in the 1930s. All the flavours have already won listings in Morrisons and Iceland, while Richmond, which bought the dormant brand as part of its purchase of Nestlé Ice Cream last year, is aiming to roll out Lyons Maid nationally by next year. Kate Needham, Richmond's marketing director, said: "Our goal is to be the number one player in every category. "The Lyons Maid brand plays an important role in achieving that. "It has a fantastic heritage and continues to achieve very high recall amongst an audience over 30. "Over the next three years, we're very confident of re-establishing the Lyons Maid brand and making significant inroads into the UK ice cream market." {{P&P }}