It’s unusual to see Easter given a Latin twist, but Aldi has done just that with its seasonal ad, which plays out to a version of Pete Rodriguez’s boogaloo classic ‘I Like It Like That’.

The ad begins with the smashing of an egg-shaped piñata, before we cut to a traditional-looking Easter dinner table. Three girls musically affirm that they like 100% British lamb, before the camera moves on to some Scottish salmon and some lemons take over singing duties.

We’re then taken to a pile of choc in the garden, where things get weirder as the source of the sound becomes clear: inside a chocolate beehive there’s a bunny man and a mariachi band (even though the song isn’t Mexican) who unveil Aldi’s chilli & cheese hot cross buns.

Whatever you make of those, you can’t deny Aldi’s ad stands out.