Asda will today launch the first of a series of new ads featuring celebrity chef James Martin,

ITV viewers will get their first taste of the partnership, which was announced in April, during Coronation Street.

It is the first creative outing for Saatchi & Saatchi, also hired in April, to try to breathe new life into the struggling retailer’s marketing, after seven months of falling sales.

BBQ is the first of four summer-themed ads. In the ad, Martin is seen relaxing in the garden alongside an Asda mum until the calm is curtailed by the arrival of her hungry kids and their friends. 

Martin comes to the rescue and finds himself preparing a BBQ banquet for the whole family, which turns into a huge family feast, featuring Asda products such as Extra Special steak.

Bike Ride, which goes live on 16 June, features Martin saving a day-tripping family who are bored with the same old sandwiches.

“This ad marks the beginning of an exciting campaign that is designed to emotionally engage with our customers through the power of human truths of family summer moments,” said Andy Murray, chief customer officer at Asda.

“James is a natural fit for Asda and it’s been great fun working with him to show exactly what we stand for, which is making it easy for people to enjoy great-tasting, quality food no matter what their budget.

“We know that summer is a really busy time for our customers, and it can also be challenging to come up with meal solutions at prices they can trust. James is the ideal person to meet this challenge, and his recipes and ideas will help to make this summer the best yet for our shoppers.”

The partnership will include TV, digital, in-store and on-van livery.