Bargain Booze has launched a “cheeky” advertising campaign reversing the successful series of Aldi price comparison adverts as the off-licence chain matches the price of Carlsberg Export and Smirnoff vodka with the discounter’s own-label products.

Full-page adverts in today’s The Sun and regional titles Liverpool Echo and Manchester Evening News showed the prices of the two drinks brands compared with Aldi under the heading ‘Aldi Shmaldi’.

Diana Hunter, CEO of Bargain Booze parent Conviviality Retail, said the ‘For People Who Like Bargains and Brands’ was about reminding consumers of the choice available in the market.

“This is just giving an alternative view to the successful Aldi campaign,” she added. “The brands are out there and we want to remind customers of that choice; and we’ve done it in a slightly cheeky way. It is a nice way of playing it back from another perspective and just reminding customers actually there are choices here.”

As well as the adverts in today’s papers, the campaign is in Bargain Booze stores, with posters and at point-of-sale, and at bus stops and billboards close to shops, particularly in the North of England where the chain has a larger presence.

“We’re not knocking Aldi because they have done a really good job with what they do, but they don’t do the brands,” Hunter said. “It’s not about striking a blow on the discounters but about communicating what Bargain Booze does best, which is great bargains and great brands.”

The campaign will be developed, particularly on social media sites such as Facebook, in the next few weeks with variations on the ‘Aldi Shmaldi’ line and some of the other 1,500 brands the chains stocks.