Benecol product overhaul

Source: Raisio

Benecol will support the new packaging with a marketing campaign that will take in TV, print and in-store activations.

Benecol has refreshed its packaging in a bid to highlight its ‘cholesterol-lowering’ credentials.

The health-focused brand’s new design will give greater prominence to the phrase ‘proven to lower cholesterol’ and will also highlight the ingredients contained within the products.

Newly designed packaging will roll out across the mults from May. The revamp followed a pre-coronavirus fall in sales for the Raisio-owned brand.

According to data released for The Grocer’s Britain’s Biggest Brands supplement in March, Benecol saw a 5.5% decline in value sales to £67.9m, with volumes also going down by 6.7% [Nielsen 52 w/e 31 December 2019].

Brand manager Jennifer Coates said the packaging refresh was a “continuation of the brand evolution for Benecol” that began last year.

“As we reposition our brand messaging around a new ‘one-a-day’ proposition, our range needed to emphasise the ease of adding Benecol to your daily diet and help reduce your cholesterol levels,” said Coates.

“We hope that this new design, with a modern, natural and clean look, resonates with consumers who want to make small, simple switches to lower their cholesterol levels.”

Benecol added the new branding would be supported with a marketing campaign, which will take in TV, print and in-store activations.

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