While the likes of Twilight and True Blood made vampires moody and sexy, more recently the likes of What We Do in the Shadows has highlighted the comedy potential of the creatures of the night.

And Birds Eye’s vampire-themed campaign for its meat-free Green Cuisine range is firmly in the ‘fun’ camp. At ‘Vampcon’ – a vampire get-together with stalls and music – the undead queue for a ‘meaty burger’. Except, as the surprisingly relaxed human server explains, “they’re meat-free burgers actually”. Cue (politely British) consternation from the vamps.

Horror fans will baulk at the idea of vampires consuming anything but blood (indeed, in What We Do in the Shadows, ‘human food’ triggers projectile vomiting), while the ‘whoops, I’m a bit veggie’ slogan is rather limp.

However, this is a bit of light, memorable fun, the point being to make it clear that Birds Eye is targeting carnivorous customers – and backing itself to win them over.