The branded backlash against craft beer is officially underway. Earlier this year Foster’s Brad and Dan disparaged a craft connoisseur – now Bud Light is at it too.

In the latest instalment of its medieval-themed ‘Dilly Dilly’ campaign, the Bud Light King enters a tavern, accompanied by his ridiculously clad knight sidekick. He’s in a generous mood, ordering Bud Lights for everyone. But one bloke at the back prefers mead.

Initially, his majesty accommodates the outlier, but as his demands grow more specific (he wants it autumnal, malty and full-bodied, which actually sounds quite nice) he is swiftly banished to the stocks.

Like the Foster’s ad, it’s an amusing enough way to deliver the message that ‘discerning’ equals ‘killjoy’ (a point hammered home by the brand’s ‘refreshingly uncomplicated’ slogan), but in an era where many ads celebrate the individual, it’ll be interesting to see if pitching so hard for the herd still works.