casillero del diablo wine ad

It’s hard not to admire Casillero del Diablo’s confidence. Or budget.

Its latest ad is based on the ‘legend’ that the wine can’t be stolen. As if to test the theory, a master criminal hands a (presumably illegally obtained) key to a super-thief, who half-inches a bottle from Diablo HQ.

Our antihero takes it to a series of exotic locations (his flighty boss keeps changing the rendezvous), from Paris to Venice to “the East”. When they do finally meet, an unknown Espíritu Diablo has magicked the wine away! If only the bad guys knew you could buy it for less than £10.

And that’s the point, really. The brand doesn’t feel premium enough to justify such a high-value, achingly serious ad. A moment of fun or two wouldn’t hurt, guys.