Vegan chocolate brand LoveRaw has come up with a clever, cheeky concept: a ‘mockmentary’ style video in which we ‘catch up’ with three chocolate advertising icons of the past.

The brand sidesteps having to mention any rivals’ names, by introducing us to a grown-up blond ‘cowboy’, black turtleneck-wearing reverse burglar and drumming gorilla (inadvertently underlining the strength of those famous campaigns). However, we see these ad heroes in straitened circumstances, with Milk Tray Man forced by the cops to wear an ankle tag, and the Milkybar Kid out of cash.

The concept is funny, but the script could do with polishing (Gorilla complaining about “rave culture” making her an irrelevance simply doesn’t add up), and it’ll take a patient viewer to sit through the full seven-minute video – which incidentally fails to include a product shot to explain the ‘it’s time to give #twofingers’ to big choc’ slogan.

A good edit could save it – but a complicated social media campaign (one of the characters’ Instagram accounts is incorrect on LoveRaw’s website) will require a lot of effort.