Like those infernal price comparison meerkats and Marmite’s ‘love it or hate it’ theme, Just Eat has developed a long-running, instantly recognisable calling card, unusually in the form of a song. Did somebody say Just Eat?

Katy Perry has now passed on the torch she took from Snoop Dogg to a duo: Christina Aguilera and Latto – showing the brand can pull in star power, but is also cool enough to recognise a newer talent.

The ad’s genius, beyond the celeb novelty value, is to completely retool the song (“y’all ready for something new?” asks Latto), so it doesn’t have the chance to become annoying. The pair gamely rap and sing about Just Eat’s expanded offer (“we can go bananas in a grocery store”), and it’s great fun to see them larking about in their giant foodie mansion, sushi train and all.