As The Grocer went to press, England’s football team were all-conquering heroes. By the time you read this, they may be the chumps who lost to Scotland.

This perhaps explains Coke’s blink-and-you’ll-miss-it address to the Three Lions in its trio of Euros-focused ads. They see four footy fans (as always in adverts, dressed in amusingly generic strips) unaccountably watching the big match on a roof. A fifth chum holds an aerial aloft to ensure the TV signal works (a bit 20th century, that). But then he sips a Coke, gets that ‘Oooh! feeling’ and breaks into a dance – changing the channel to a random ad. Except they’re not quite random. Look closely and you’ll see they’re for the ‘side hustles’ of England players – namely ‘Socks by Ox’, ‘Markers Rashford’ and ‘Kane’s Canes’.

It’s a fun idea – and a neat way to get viewers who’ve twigged the joke to watch more closely. They can even call the numbers on the screen to hear a message from the relevant player!