‘It’s not milk.’ For a company like Cravendale that, let’s face it, sells milk, it’s a bold slogan. Has it diversified or even – gasp – gone dairy-free?

Well, no. The omission of the word ‘just’ cleverly adds edge to what is in fact a fairly old-fashioned idea, most famously used by M&S. ‘It’s not milk… it’s fresh milk, filtered for purity’, the ad eventually tells us.

But we have fun getting there. Cravendale has assembled a cast of entertaining characters to assert and deny the presence of milk, including a poolside posho, a tennis twosome, a busted burglar and a singer called Lil Milky. It’s packed with witty details (check out the names of the tennis players) and there’s even a neat callback to its most famous ad. Thumbs up!