Oatly’s ‘Help Dad’ ads of January 2021, which featured kids hectoring their fathers about choosing cows milk, garnered some seriously huffy responses in January 2021.

Meanwhile, as Meatless Farm and Tesco will tell you, the ASA has been pretty tough on plant-based brands making environmental claims.

Birds Eye’s Green Cuisine brand, then, has to tread carefully with its ‘Welcome to the Plant Age’ campaign, which also features kids putting tough questions to their elders.

The ads’ tone and style help. Where Oatly was a bit smug, these cute cartoon kids are winningly naïve. A little girl excitedly tells her dad about some plant-based burgers she’s had, which she says are “better for the planet”. Dad isn’t so sure, but his daughter responds: “Do you think you’re more clever than all the scientists in the world? Or are you just avoiding the whole thing because life’s too complicated as it is?” Some bemused looks to camera (from dad and a passing bunny) are priceless.

A second ad dodges the planet question entirely, with a little girl calling out her mum’s fear of change when it comes to a chicken dipper substitute.

Doubtless some will find fault. But it’s hard to argue with the kids here.