Daniel Craig’s James Bond enjoyed a speedboating adventure in Heineken’s last 007-themed ad, launched to tie in with Spectre. Now new Bond film No Time To Die is imminent, he’s back.

This time, Craig plays a version of himself, relaxing on a Spanish holiday, when – shaken by a rousing taxi ride – he leaves his passport in the back seat. In order to recover it, he’s forced to endure a series of Bond-style set pieces – though he must negotiate them as an actor, who people keep thinking is James Bond. It’s a meta move!

And a mildly confusing one. But who cares? Just as Bond films aren’t about the plot, the main things to enjoy here are a wry performance from Craig, some beautiful locations and that irresistible music.

And if you think it still seems weird that he chooses Heineken over a martini, check out the edit where he goes all Dry January and orders a 0.0 beer. He’ll be going vegan next.