Think ‘Diet Coke ad’ and you probably think of lecherous ladies lusting over a hunky man – the sort of thing we used to think was progressive. 

But the brand has moved on. New campaign You Do You is apparently about embracing cultural trends and enjoying everyday pleasures.

So far this has manifested in a series of ads in which people you wouldn’t expect to use youth slang… use youth slang! With unhilarious consequences. Some grannies use a dating app to perv on a fellow OAP, referring to him as a ‘total playa’, while a judge’s wig is referred to as a ‘lit balayage’. Ha ha ha can you imagine etc.

The latest short features a girl trying to sneak out of her parents’ house in a short dress. Her dad notices but instead of telling her off he says “OMG can’t even,” howls that her shoes are “on point” and turns back to the telly.

It’s – at best – mildly amusing. But who does Coke think it will appeal to?