Popping up on a screen near you after 9pm, Domino’s Pizza’s new ad is making a commendable effort to inject a bit of glamour into the great British ‘staycation’ – likely to be the closest many of us get to a holiday this year.

‘Staycations aren’t okay,’ it contends. Instead they’re… ‘yes!’ Well, it sort of makes sense, especially as the ad highlights the nice bits of various cities, parks, gardens and (provided the weather is with you) beaches. There’s a series of fast-cut shots of gorgeous young people having fun, intercut with some groovy pizza cartoon characters. It’s a bit random, but a rockin’ soundtrack adds to the high-energy feel.

You have to look a bit harder for the actual pizza, but it’s there, notably in a nicely socially distanced picnic scene. Who said pizza was unhealthy?