“Some 95% of cats find Dreamies irresistible,” the cat treat maker’s new ad begins, rather triumphantly. The brand is so self-confident that it speculates the other 5% might somehow be humans named Cat.

Don’t think about it too hard and instead enjoy the faux-documentary that follows, in which Dreamies stages a poorly attended Humans Called Cat Convention. Attendees are subjected to tests to ensure they aren’t in fact cats (“have you ever defecated in your garden?” one is asked).

Humanity firmly established, the Cats are given a certain pet treat – which they do not enjoy, allowing the brand to conclude “if your cat doesn’t love Dreamies, they must be a human”.

It’s a far cry from those dogfood ads in which people claim it tastes good – and brave for a pet brand to largely eschew cute animals. Distinctive, silly fun.