Ferrero Rocher’s new ad

A still from Ferrero Rocher’s new ad

Ferrero Rocher’s new ad is set at a swanky party, positively teasing viewers with the imminent presence of an ambassador and/or his pyramid-wielding flunky.

Alas, no. At this informal do, a pile of Rocher sits unguarded on a table, with a winsome guest puzzling over the absence of its topmost treat. We witness its production: on some kind of confectionery planet, a hazelnut rolls through a lake of ‘velvety filling’, a wafer desert, and a final choc-nutty pool, from which it plunges into the wrapping, landing neatly on top of the pile.

Amazing! But our girl just pops the whole thing in her mouth - possibly to stop herself doing the ‘you’re really spoiling us’ line. All the ‘indulgent’ boxes are firmly ticked.