McCoy’s has updated its ‘flavour calling’ campaign to promote its new thick cut crisps - so it’s time for another generic bloke to get a mystery phone call.

Our man is Gary (of all the names), who is called on a golden phone by an unidentified voice at the point of purchase. His excitable interlocutor tells him that his choice of snack “means you have a brain!”. “I do?” replies Gaz, deadpan.

The voice, somewhat pervily, tells Gary he has guts, and invites him to ‘show them the flavour’. Dopey Gary simply wafts his crisp in front of his tum before getting the idea and chowing down.

Well, if you’re going to use the Adland ‘dopey’ bloke stereotype then you might as well make him a full-on idiot. It ties in nicely with the ‘thick’ message - and it’s fun.