Bag some joy’ has worked nicely for Greggs for some time – cleverly evoking the crinkly paper vessels in which its treats are packaged.

But now the brand is making the slogan work a different way, imagining it as the title of a deliberately cheesy quiz show. There is confetti, a man dressed as a sausage roll and a shiny suited host.

The music is loud and Debbie is screaming because she has just spun a wheel to win a “bacon breakfast roll”. There’s a brief, tense respite as Peter mulls a Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?-style query, but the answer is ‘all of the above’ and there is more screaming, and pizza, and chicken bites, and coffee, and you probably have a migraine now.

Well… it’s certainly an attention-grabber. Cut-down versions might be a little less grating.