Heineken Open Your World 330ml can

Heineken is introducing revamped packaging across its canned and bottled SKUs on the back of its Open Your World marketing campaign.

The new-look packs feature a world map to “allow retailers to link back to the campaign in store”, the brewer said.

Open Your World kicked off with the launch of short film Worlds Apart last week, which saw the brand bring together strangers with opposing beliefs to “find common ground” over a beer.

“This campaign is committed to looking out, not in – what we at Heineken have prided ourselves on for more than 150 years,” said Cindy Tervoort, Heineken head of marketing.

As the push goes on, it will promote research from Goldsmiths University academics that reveals “certain characteristics consumers should adopt to become more open to the world around them”.

Following the release of Worlds Apart, many consumers took to Twitter to praise its positive message. The Independent heralded it as ‘the anti-Pepsi’ advert, following Pepsi’s withdrawn Kendall Jenner protest ad.  

However, The Guardian criticised the brewer for using “vague progressivism” to sell beer, while Dazed magazine said it gave morally objectionable stances a “false equivalence they don’t deserve”.

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