We’ll assume Knorr’s new ad was filmed pre-Covid, or in line with regulations, but virus threat or not, its protagonist is entitled to be disturbed by the sudden appearance of the Hairy Bikers’ faces next to his as he peruses the fridge.

They’re somewhat threatening. “Did you hear what he said to his mates last night?” asks Si, poking him in the chest. “It isn’t a real meal without meat!” quotes Dave, as if his eavesdropping isn’t as bad as this unoriginal opinion.

Fortunately for our man, the pair prove merciful. Although they’ve got “no beef with beef”, they change his mind by showing him how to make a yummy looking sweet potato and bean chilli – containing Knorr veggie stock, of course.

The close-up action is a bit uncomfortable, but – once they’ve turned into pally cooks again, it’s hard to beat the bikers as veggie ambassadors.