Foster’s dropped blokey duo Brad and Dan in 2015, claiming its drinkers had moved away from the ‘lean-back’ approach of the advice-dispensing Aussies, and were now ‘lean-forward’ lager lovers. Whatever you say, guys.

The postural pendulum having presumably swung back – that, or they couldn’t come up with anything better – the duo have returned (the same actors having proven depressingly available). And initially you wonder why. As usual, the pair take a call from a Brit beer drinker with a problem – his hipster brother-in-law will only drink ‘fancy pants’ craft beer.

Their solution – pour Foster’s in a jar and give it a silly name – potentially alienates a decent chunk of the ad’s target audience, while ambitiously claiming the product is on a par with craft, quality-wise.

Having said that… alongside a joyfully unsubtle reference to the Australian cricket ball tampering scandal, it’s also pretty funny.