Toblerone stands apart from the other chocolate brands, thanks to its cumbersome size and shape, and indelible association with the Alps and airports.

There isn’t really any need to market the oddball (well, oddtriangular prism) main SKU – so this ad wisely focuses on the brand’s new diamond-shaped truffles. And it does so with a pleasing dose of humour: a woman sports a Toblerone truffle necklace at a party, triggering the apparent envy of its beautiful people attendees – until the power is cut and the precious jewel is robbed.

The mystery doesn’t take long to solve – our heroine’s boyfriend is caught snaffling the truffle, to his gal pal’s evident displeasure. It’s appropriately quirky, reinforced by the ‘Never Square’ tagline, while positioning the truffles as an aspirational party treat (if not ideal jewellery).