All-conquering Aldi has done rather well out of underlining its ‘Britishness’. Now its fellow German discounter Lidl is getting in on the act.

Its ‘Big on British’ campaign is simple but effective, repeatedly underlining the Britishness of its meat products, like steak, bangers ‘n’ mash, chicken tikka masala and roast pork. These things are “as British as”, it says, a variety of national quirks – such as “thanking the barber for a haircut you hate” or saluting magpies. It’s original and witty.

References to cricket and choirs don’t make it into a special Scottish version of the ad, though our (differently accented) haircut man does, alongside a rained-on model train enthusiast and a bagpiper – such is Lidl’s nuanced understanding of UK culture. Fingers crossed for Welsh and Northern Irish spin-offs coming our way soon.