Lucozade Energy has released a 60-second TV advert as part of the second stage of its £14m Find Your Flow campaign.

The drive, which launched in June, aims to reposition the drink away from younger consumers and towards ‘daily strivers’.

“We’re targeting an audience of 32 million people who we’re calling daily strivers - people who agree with the statement that they have a full and busy life,” said Lucozade Energy marketing manager Lesley Stonier. “They like filling their lives because it makes them feel fulfilled, but sometimes having the energy to be on form is a bit challenging at times.”

The new advert, which debuted last week, is intended to illustrate how Lucozade can help people ‘find their flow’.

“It depicts a number of everyday scenarios with people doing everyday things in an extraordinary way to demonstrate they’ve found their flow,” said Stonier. The longer version will run for two weeks, after which a 30-second cut will be shown for a further three.

The TV ad will be supported by a sampling campaign, with half a million bottles given away over a five-month period. This will start in mid-August with station takeovers in London’s Waterloo and Oxford Circus, Liverpool and Manchester, and continue with appearances in other stations and high streets. Members of the public will also be able to nominate their workplace for a sampling visit.

The brand’s social media strategy will include a series of Vines in the style of scenes from the TV ad – which will offer a forum for user-generated videos. “The hope and ambition is that with the #findyourflow hashtag people will start to send in their own content,” said Stonier, “and we’re hopeful that as we go into next year, that can be somewhere we can really start to expand the idea.

“We’ll also being using social to find people who are using key words like tired, busy day, big presentation etc, so we can target them directly and give them a bit of a push on their way, helping them to find their flow.”