Lynx is celebrating 25 years of its most famous scent – Africa – with a spot of time travel.

We begin in 1995, where a becurtained lad is distracted, inevitably, by a gorgeous gal (this is a Lynx ad set in the 20th century, after all). He goes to grab his trusty can of Africa and is magically transported on to a cosmic conveyor belt through time, witnessing key elements of teen culture.

There are bucket hats and video games (bang on), as well as rave culture smileys (a bit pre-1995). Ambassadors Anthony Joshua, Calfreezy and AJ Tracey show up – the latter driving a London bus, for some reason.

Our man arrives in 2020, with better hair – to again meet his amour, who even goes so far as to spray a bit of Africa on herself! She’s a keeper, for sure.

This fun ad comes at a great time for a bit of nostalgia – it’s just a shame Alan Partridge’s Lynx Africa moment couldn’t have been included.