It was only a couple of weeks ago that Lynx launched a funky, wholesome ad for its Fine Fragrance Collection, all good-looking youngsters, graphics and skateboarding in the mall.

So this new duo comes as something of a shock. In ‘Robbery’ we meet a woman en route to rip off a café. Her plan comes unstuck when she forces a busboy to stick ‘em up – and gets a whiff of his pits. Besotted, she takes off with him, as well as the money.

If you thought that was morally troubling, wait until you see ‘Funeral’. The deceased smells like Lynx and, as a result, has a queue of sniffing mourners at his open coffin. Things get downright creepy when one woman climbs into it, later making off with the coffin. To do what, exactly?

Distinctive, deadpan and divisive, they make an unnervingly good duo.