It’s January! A fine time to advertise ice cream. And Magnum is taking the fight to own label in its new ‘Stick to the Original’ campaign.

“He bought fake Magnum,” muses a woman as she unpacks the shopping with which her partner has just returned. “What else has been fake in this relationship?” Dramatic choral music soundtracks our heroine’s investigations, as she uncovers false sports trophies, photoshopped ‘achievements’ and lighter-than-they-look gym weights. Even his moustache is false!

She’s soon off, in search of the real thing – notable of course for the deafeningly loud cracking sound it makes when you bite into it.

Anyone expecting a ‘fake orgasm’ joke from the historically saucy brand is left disappointed – but the usual top-notch production values make this seem like a scene from a silly, fun and slightly camp soap opera. Bravo!