The Zoom conversation has quickly become a staple of TV advertising. It’s recognisable and relatively simple to produce.

But following the first wave of tear-jerkers comes a funny take on the genre, from Maltesers – which has proven unafraid to push the envelope in past campaigns.

There’s nothing too outrageous here: a series of ads details the conversations of four gal-pals as they negotiate new lockdown norms such as video dates, parental tech fails and quiz fatigue. One sees a woman getting made up for the Thursday night clap for carers, in order to catch the eye of a handsome neighbour. The pally mockery of her mates rings true, as does a simple, elongated pause when the foursome simply run out of things to say.

Bags of Maltesers make only minor supporting appearances, showing the brand knows not to push itself too hard. Smart stuff.