Landing evergreen festive songstress Mariah Carey is quite a coup for Walkers. She’s indelibly associated with Christmas, plus she’s famously picky about snacks.

This ad sees Carey apparently recording a video for her hit All I Want For Christmas Is You, even though it came out in 1994. As filming pauses, the famously demanding diva gets generous, handing out lavish gifts to the crew. Having enthused about giving and sharing, Mazzer then spots a bag of Walkers Pigs in Blankets crisps. She grabs it – at exactly the same time as an extra dressed as an elf. The ensuing tug of war is settled by the singer’s shattering soprano.

It’s hard to imagine Carey as a big crisp-eater, even less an enjoyer of double-pig flavour (her triumphant bite is more of a nibble), but associating the world’s catchiest Christmas song with your brand is a sure-fire winner.

Walkers hasn’t even felt the need to make a crisp-mas pun, while poor old Gary Lineker – remember him? – is banished to the cold outside.