M&M’s has been on a journey. A year ago we reported on its move to make its choc characters ‘more relevant’ – making Yellow an optimist, Orange anxious and, most controversially, Green less sexy.

Reactions ranged from rage to bemusement, so M&M’s has given the ‘spokescandies’ a rest. Wittily, it has engaged the services of “a spokesperson America can agree on”: actor Maya Rudolph.

Ahead of the Superbowl advertising fiesta, the Bridesmaids star has made her debut, playing an amusingly arrogant version of herself. In a couple of spots she announces her face will appear on the sweeties, and that they’ll be renamed ‘Ma&Yas’.

She’s a delight – but probably isn’t well known enough to do the same on this side of the pond. M&M’s could seek out a UK fave (someone like Sarah Millican, perhaps) or allow the characters a UK stay of execution. Either way, all eyes will be on its next move – which can’t be bad news for the brand.