Wrigley’s Extra’s current campaign is a weird affair. Horrific ‘MindMouths’ open in people’s foreheads, distracting them at important moments – soon banished by a certain brand of gum.

A challenger like Milliways of course needs to highlight its plastic-free point of difference – but it doesn’t want to be too boring and sciencey compared with the fun market leader.

So Milliways’ ad plays up the essential strangeness of chewing plastic, by showing people doing just that: a man gnaws on a ketchup bottle during a date, a dog faces a human rival for a chew toy, and a woman gets stuck into the water cooler at work.

The voiceover chucks in an attention-grabbing fact – “most gum contains up to one straw’s worth of plastic in each piece” – and we get a lineup of the brand’s flavours and stockists at the end, too.

A lot of ground covered… but it’s still weird and fun. Smart stuff.