In a move apparently designed to nostalgically elicit warm feelings, Morrisons has brought back its ‘More Reasons to Shop at Morrisons’ strapline. Last used in 2006, it’s a no-brainer brand name pun of the type beloved by Lidl’s marketing squad.

One of its first executions features a couple of elderly ladies enjoying breakfast in a Morrisons café. “Really we come for a good old natter, don’t we?” notes one. Her chum undercuts this familiar sentiment: “I come for the breakfast.” Giggles follow, so we know the cafés aren’t really pass-ag hotbeds of resentment.

We then get a clear price message – and hear the new/old strapline in jingle form. It’s a fantastically annoying tune, doubtless set to become an earworm of the sort that’s worked so well for Ocado over the past couple of years.

So, an efficient comeback – and it’s easy to see the potential for further ads in the series.