Weetabix Protein ad

Weetabix has launched a TV advertising campaign to promote the health benefits of Weetabix Protein cereal, which rolled out in January.

Airing now, the commercial from global agency Bartle Bogle Hegarty - which centres on a growing boy and his dad in an ongoing arm wrestle at the breakfast table - will run for eight weeks across multiple channels, with a focus on ITV and Channel 4’s key spots.

It comes as part of Weetabix’s £2.2m investment in its new product, with the underlying message being that humans have 640 muscles and Weetabix Protein helps grow and maintain all of them, maximising strength from the younger years through to senior.

“New and popular trends are driving the cereal category into fresh avenues and protein is just one of the trends that Weetabix have launched in to,” said Weetabix brand manager Caroline La Niece.

“The advertising campaign is just another part of our commitment to the new product and a way of telling consumers we’ve made it simpler to get a high-protein, tasty and nutritious breakfast that helps keep them powered throughout the morning.”