Nairn’s is looking to put any perception people might have of oat biscuits being boring to bed with a new campaign, titled ‘Nything Goes’.

In the manner of Weetabix’s serving suggestion-tastic ‘a-bix’ push, it presents some interesting ideas. We may already have thought of them on a cheeseboard, but as a practical soup-dunker for campers? Smart thinking. A smoked salmon & cream cheese topping? Sure – but consumers are less likely to have considered dessert variants (though even the optimists at Weetabix might baulk at the idea of featuring them in a trifle).

The serving suggestions are inventively showcased, oat biscuits incorporated into yoga, bathtime and even a drag performance. And the brand’s Scottish heritage is neatly incorporated via the ad’s voiceover.

Not thrilling, maybe, but definitely not boring.