Christmas time is here again (!) and Ocean Spray is here to remind us of the crucial details that make our festive meal special.

Its ad is set at a stony-faced Christmas lunch, the guests silent, stiff and uncomfortable. Then a tray of wobbly cranberry jellies, rather unappetisingly still in their can-shaped cylindrical form, are brought in. Slowly at first, the guests themselves start to wobble, too. As a bassy rumble kicks in, they speed up into uncontrollable, alarming flails.

It’s original, distinctive, funny, makes a virtue of what might be considered a downside of the product, and should appeal to anyone who’s ever endured an awkward Christmas dinner.

More subtly it hints at the flavoursome tang of cranberries, and it might even say something about energy too – but this ad’s headline is its tart strangeness.