Heineken proved smart and opportunistic with last week’s ‘Don’t drink a start a league’ social media spots (it’s a sponsor of the Champion’s League), but its latest TV push shows a softer side.

Set to a big band-style version of Vera Lynn’s ‘We’ll Meet Again’, it depicts a montage of good-looking folk applying make-up and scent, brushing teeth and donning best outfits. But we’re not going for a night out – yet. In fact our glamorous coterie are gussied up for bin day, dog walking, dry cleaning and essential grocery shopping (bog roll, milk – and Heineken, obviously).

The final shots – overlaid with the tagline ‘Nightlife lives on’ – take place with the sun about to rise. If the song choice riskily evokes wartime, it’s still hard not to get swept up with the optimism.