It’s been a tough year for Pepsi, what with all that Kendall Jenner unpleasantness in April. Then last month an emotional analysis test named Coke’s Gogglebox ad ‘most engaging’.

Perhaps that’s why it’s gone for a relatively low-key Christmas ad - and in fact a not very Christmassy one. We see professional surfer Heiðar Logi and his pals taking to the Icelandic waves at night-time, their boards decorated by LEDs, before hitting the beach for a bonfire and a can of Pepsi Max. A comically terrible ‘rock’ version of Jingle Bells nods to the season.

‘Try a new tradition’ this Christmas, we’re urged. It’s a bit extreme - we were thinking maybe beef instead of turkey? - but it makes a nice change from all the usual festive schmaltz.