‘Perkier: So good, you don’t have to be.’ For consumers concerned with doing good – for the planet, and their health – the healthy snack bar brand has a solid concept for a new, witty, trio of ads.

We meet a mum whose smoothie has gone wrong, a home ice bather and a solar-powered eco-warrior – all of whom are offered a Perkier bar as a simpler alternative. Perkier’s long list of positives – impressively dotted all over the ads’ final frames – provide a compelling argument.

It’s odd for a goodness-focused brand to position itself as an enabler of ‘bad’ behaviour, while the ads are tonally a bit weird: the smoothie looks gory, the guy in the freezer is creepily corpse-like, and there’s a tasteless payoff for solar-man.

They’re distinctive and entertaining, nonetheless.