Source: Peroni Nastro Azzurro

Peroni Nastro Azzurro is poised to kick off a €20m (£17.2m) European push for its new Stile Capri lager.

The campaign will be seen from Monday 5 June in the UK, Italy, Hungary and Romania across TV, social and digital. Activity will centre on four 30-second ads with the strapline ‘The taste that takes you there’.

Each ad sees people sipping the recently launched beer in what initially appear to be glamorous settings on the Italian Riviera. A new angle reveals the drinker is in fact in a more mundane setting, such as a garden centre or a golf course bunker. The aim was to highlight that “you can have a taste of an Italian holiday wherever you are, by drinking Stile Capri”, said Peroni.

The push, created by independent agency Trouble Maker, was aimed at 25 to 45-year-olds “who want a more informal beer choice”, the Asahi brand added.

Peroni launched 4.2% abv Stile Capri – the first major brand extension in its 60-year history – in March. It was “the first time the brand has entered the lighter lager market space”, it said.

“Offering a delicate balance of bitterness and fresh citrus notes, brewed with a light touch of Italian lemon zest and olive leaf, Stile Capri provides a lighter drinking refreshment, a smooth taste and a moderate abv for a range of occasions.”

The €20m marketing investment in Stile Capri, to be spent across the next three years, would “reimagine the world of beer with the spirit of Italian passion and flair”, said Mike O’Donoghue, global marketing manager at Peroni.

“As we look to take on our major brewing rivals at this competitive time, we’re excited to broaden the shoulders of the range, introduce some humour and informality into the brand and welcome more people into our world.”