“2021: out with the old, in with the new-a-bix.” Ah, yes. Weetabix has doubled – nay, tripled – down on its policy of adding the suffix ‘a-bix’ to just about anything, with another optimistic ad to kick off a new year.

And… well, its persistence has paid off. The likes of “a bit-more self-care-a-bix” simply doesn’t sound as bonkers as it once would, thanks in large part to Nick Frost’s relentlessly effervescent delivery. And “white water rafting-a-bix” is a nice bit of creative thinking, as a complement to the image of a ravine of fresh milk scattering nut and berry ‘boulders’. There’s a nice fruit-based joke about learning a new language, too.

And while the inclusion of cucumber is frankly one serving suggestion too far-a-bix, it’s hard not to respond to something so positive. “Fingers crossed it’ll be better than last year-a-bix,” indeed.